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1. Is medical certificate compulsory for obtaining a learner's license?
Yes, a medical certificate is required to be submitted.

2. Do I require to appear for a test for learner's license?
Yes, you will have to undertake a preliminary test which does not include driving.

3. Why do I need a Learner's license?
It allows you to learn driving under expert guidance.

How long is a Learner's license valid?
The Learner's license is valid for six months only and is not renewable. The test for permanent License can be given, only after the mandatory period of learning of 30 days is over.

5. Is it compulsory to obtain driving training from a Motor Driving School?
No, in case of private or non-commercial vehicles, it is not compulsory. But, in case of transport vehicles, it is compulsory.

6. When will I be issued the driving License?
After passing in the driving test, the biometric inputs like your signature, finger impression and photographs will be taken. Thereafter you will be issued the driving License.

7. What happens if I fail the driving test?
You may apply for a re-test only after 7 days and will have to pay test fees again.

8. What happens if I forget to renew my License?
You can renew it within 5 years from the date of its expiry. Penalty for late renewal is charged after the first 30 days of expiry. You may have to appear for tests again.

9. What is the minimum age for eligibility to hold a driving license?
One can apply for a driving license to drive a motor vehicle after he has attained the age of eighteen years. No person can drive a transport vehicle till he is twenty years old. However, one can apply for a driving license to drive a motor cycle of less than 50 cc engine capacity after he has attained sixteen years of age.

10. Can one person have two or more driving licenses?
No with the exception of learners’ licenses for the purpose of addition of class.

11. Can I add another class of vehicle to my existing driving license?
Yes you can. But the process of going through the learners license till the tests have been passed will have to be undertaken for each such addition of class.

12. Can one apply for a transport vehicle driving license straight away?

            No. He must hold a driving license to drive a light motor vehicle for at least one year to be eligible for addition of transport vehicle class to his driving license.
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