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1.Under what circumstances case may be lodged against your vehicle?

Enforcement wing deploy its teams for regulating, monitoring, enforcing the Motor Vehicle Act and the rules made there under. You may be stopped by one of these teams. You may be asked to produce the following documents in original:

  1. Driving License.
  2. Registration Certificate.
  3. Insurance certificate.
  4. Pollution under control certificate.
  5. Permits (for commercial vehicles only).
  6. Certificate of fitness (for commercial vehicles only).
  7. Road Tax Receipt.
  8. Any other related document.

If you are not carrying the above mentioned documents or found violating any of the Rules/Regulations, a case may be registered against you and your documents and even the vehicle may also be seized depending upon the violation of sections of the MV Act 1988, The Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, the WBMV Rule 1989, The WBMV Tax Act, 1979 and The West Bengal Additional Tax & One-time Tax on Motor Vehicles Act, 1989.

2. What happens when a case is lodged against your vehicle?

Seizure list will be issued to you containing the following details:

  • The authority before which you are required to appear.
  • General details of offences committed.
  • Date by which to appear.
  • Name and address of offender.
  • Name and signature of the seizing officer.
  • Details of documents retained.

Besides this your vehicle may also be impounded depending on gravity of violation.

3. How can you get the case disposed off?


By appearing and applying in writing before the compounding authority and depositing the notified amount.


For disposal in the Court you have to appear in the court and pray for disposal.

4. How will you get your impounded documents released?
  1. From the court, if the case is to be disposed of in the court.
  2. From enforcement agency, if the case is compounded.
5. How will you get your impounded vehicle released?

After payment of the fines you will be given a vehicle release order and you will have to approach the custodian with that and pay the custodial fees to secure release

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