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It is mandatory for every vehicle owner to carry a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) and maintain the vehicle in such a condition so as to make it compliant with the prescribed emission norms.

Pollutants Their probable effect on human health
Carbon Monoxide

May affect the cardio vascular system, exacerbating cardiovascular disease symptoms, particularly angina; may also particularly affect fetuses, sick, anemic and young children, may affect nervous system thereby impairing physical coordination, vision and judgments, may create nausea and headaches, may reduce productivity and increase the personal discomfort levels.

Nitrogen Oxides May lead to increased susceptibility to infections, pulmonary diseases, impairment of lung function and eye, nose and throat irritations.
Sulphur Dioxide May affect the lung function adversely.
Particulate Matter and Respirable Particulate Matter (SPM and RPM)

Fine particulate matter may be toxic in itself or may carry toxic (including carcinogenic) trace substance, and can alter the immune system. Fine particulates penetrate deep into the respiratory system irritating lung tissue and causing long-term disorders.

Lead May impair liver and kidney, may cause brain damage in children resulting in lower I.Q., hyperactivity and reduced ability to concentrate.
Benzene Both toxic and carcinogenic.
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