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Ø The first State emission norms came into force in 1991 for Petrol vehicles and in 1992 for Diesel vehicles.

Ø From April 1995, fitting of catalytic converters in new Petrol driven passenger cars was mandated in the four Metros and also introduction of unleaded petrol.

Ø From April 2000, unleaded petrol is available in the country.

Ø In developed countries lead was phased out from petrol over a period of more than 10 years, while in India this was achieved just in 6 years.

Ø The comparative statement of emission norms as under, indicates that the time gap between the introduction of norms in Europe and our country is narrowing:


Euro I

Euro I

Euro II

Euro III











* Bharat Stage–II norms, which are akin to Euro-II norms have been introduced in National Capital Region (NCR) for passenger vehicles upto GVW 3.5T from 1.4.2000 and for heavier vehicles from 24.10.2001 in National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi.

Ø In case of Mumbai, these have been extended from 1.1.2001 to 31.10.2001 respectively.

Ø For both Chennai and Kolkata, the corresponding dates are 1.7.2001 and 31.10.2001 respectively.

Ø These norms have further been extended to Agra, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad / Secundrabad, Kanpur, Pune and Surat from 1.4.2003, and Lucknow and Sholapur from 1.6.2004 for all categories of vehicles. 

Ø The transport vehicles plying on inter-State permits or on National Permits or on All India Tourist Permits or plying from these cities to the other regions of the respective States have been exempted. 

Ø       Bharat Stage-II emission norms have been extended to entire country vide Gazette Notification No. G.S.R. 927 (E) dated 5.12.2003 and these have become   effective from 1.4.2005. Basically Bharat Stage-II norms involve supply of Petrol and Diesel with 0.05% sulphur content. In rest of the country, petrol has a Sulphur content of 0.1% with effect from 1.4.2000 as against 0.05% in these cities and NCR of Delhi. Similarly, Sulphur content in diesel have been reduced in the country, from a level of 1.0% maximum in 1996 to 0.25% on 1.4.2000. In respect of NCT of Delhi and the above mentioned cities the sulphur content in Diesel is similarly 0.05%.

** Bharat Stage-III emission norms have been introduced with effect from 1-4-2005 in respect of Four Wheeled vehicles manufactured on and from 1st April, 2005 in the National Capital Region and the cities of Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad including Secundrabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Kanpur and Agra except for four wheeled transport vehicles plying on Inter-State Permits or National Permits or All India Tourist Permits within the jurisdiction of these cities.

Ø In addition to petrol and diesel, CNG and LPG are permitted to be used as auto fuels. Alternative fuels like di-methyl ether, bio-diesel, hydrogen, electric and fuel cell vehicles etc., are at various stages of experimentation.

Ø The emission norms for tractors were first notified in the year 1999.  The next generation norms have been laid down.  While Bharat (Trem) Stage II norms have come into force from 01.06.2003, the Bharat (Trem) Stage III norms has come into force from 01.10.2005.

Ø Next generation emission norms for two-wheelers and three-wheelers manufactured on and after 1.4.2005 have been notified.

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