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1.  Who is eligible for a permit?

   Any registered owner of a transport vehicle can apply for the permit. However there are certain restrictions in certain cases and permits are made available only after notification issued by the Government. In fact one has to obtain an Offer Letter before registration of the vehicle.

2.   When can application for permits be made?

   Normally applications for permits can be submitted at any time. However the stage carriage permits are only issued as per notification that has been issued.

3.  Who enforces the permit conditions?

   The STA, RTA and the Enforcement wing of Transport Department enforces the permit conditions.

4.  What are the forms for permit application and formats?

   Forms for permits have been specified in the CMVR and the WBMVR.

5. Can I use a National Permit vehicle within a single state?

   No you can not. These are issued for long distance operation covering multiple states.

6.  Do I require to pay any taxes in other states for my national permit covered vehicle?

   No. The composite fee paid for any state is in lieu of all taxes for that state.


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